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Travel Operator



Let’s doscover and explore Bali with your local trusted travel partner. We are happy to show you aroundome and enjoy the unlimitted beauty of BALI



Let’s doscover and explore Ubud with us with a reasonable price



We are happy to take you to Monkey forest with areasonable price. Come, see, play and enjoy with monkey and the beauty forest



Come and enjoy the beauty of Jatiluwih and the beauty of sunset in Tanah Lot Temple




Emerse yourself with the spectacular view and the historical site in Lempuyang for a new experince




Emerse yourself with the spectacular view and the sunset  in Uluwatu with excotic Kecak and Fire dance



Ubud Tour Guide  is one of the best tour guide in Bali but at the same time operating tours in Bali. Ubud Tour Guide was founded in 2014 and well provide different adventures actiactivities all over Bali.

Ubud Tour Guide is a Baliness that owned and operates tours as a local tour guide. As a Baliness I am a knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable tour guide in Bali.

I quarante that once you do the tours with local/ Baliness  as the host of my own country, your trip will be more meaningful and i highly guarante that you will enjoy your trip with me.

I have been offering and providing different best selected trip packages such as luxurious, standard and budget trip to Bali as our client’s budget. I will customize the trip package and itinerary as per the client’s interest and focus to make their trip lifelong experience. Ubud Tour Guide operates individual as well as group trip package and will ensure that all the clients get the maximum enjoyment of tours activities i offer.

Bali is well known as the hidden of paradise islands and of course there are many things needs to be explored for adventure lovers. And we also always happy to hear from you  what you want me to prepare a trip as you wish and i always come up with smile to arrange the trip accordingly.

I am always trying my best to offer and deliver a good qualty of tour and service in every tour package we designed. I am specialized and experienced in; Trekking, hiking, diving & snorkeling, birding tour, cultural tour, historical and heritage sites, big events and many more.

I am always happy to hear from travel lovers who want explore and experience Bali with me. I am not giving words and promises!


Radit Komang

Radit Komang

Tour Guide / Operator

I am Radit Komang. I am a Balinese. I was born and grew up in Ubud, Bali. I have been working as local tour guide for years and still working as tour guide but sometimes i offer some tours with a small compnay called UBUD TOUR GUIDE / . As a local Balinese i am happy to show you around and learn and experince something new with me.